Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sinful Colors Bali Mist

I went shopping today for some things and decided to pick up some nail polishes. I got 4 to be exact. This happens to be one of them. I also apologize for the swatch being on my toes, but I was planning on putting a different color on my nails which will be posted later.

I bought this at walgreens for $1.99. I love Sinful Colors, but tend to be more partial to their shimmery polishes instead of the matte ones. I feel like I need way to much top coat for the matte ones because they look so dull on my nails normally.
I love the consistency of the polish and the color was pretty. It is kind of sheer though so I had to put on 3 coats for me to be able to truely see it well. I had one problem though which I’m sure was truely just a matter of luck. I bought the polish and brought it home only to discover the plastic that connects the brush bristles to the top was bent. Just a minor problem and didn’t hinder the application at all, just a little weird is all.
-Sealed with a smile :)

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