Thursday, July 14, 2011


I won’t be buying any new Essie polishes to top off my list for a few weeks simply because: 1. I owe my mom $30 more to pay off from coloring my hair and 2. I want to buy another order of elf cosmetics. So here is a shampoo review just for your viewing pleasure.
I got a sample of this in the mail (which is a picture of the sample I took above). I decided to use it today and it was decent. I have to say the only thing I really liked was the smell. It says it’s made with natural eucalyptus. Which I’m not sure if that’s what the scent was or not. It had this strong mint-like smell to it that definitely would have opened up my sinuses if I was stopped up or something. One of the claims on the back is that it will “invigorate your senses” which is surely did for me! 
Other than the scent I feel like it really didn’t do anything special for me. My hair still feels the same way it normally would. It did feel a tad softer once I got out of the shower, but once my hair dried it was back to normal. 
So nothing spectacular about this shampoo and conditioner. I did love the smell though. It was supposed to be made for dry hair, but I just didn’t really see a difference. 
-Sealed with a smile :)

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