Monday, September 5, 2011

OPI Vodka and Caviar

I got this nail polish from the grocery store I now work at because they have some OPI nail polishes and they're all cheaper than what you could get at a salon. I paid maybe 40 cents less?
I loved the color of this polish. It's a vibrant candy apple red. The name amuses me too. I hated the longevity of it. It did not last long at all. I notice I have been saying this about a lot of nail polishes I have gotten recently. I need to break this trend somehow. Anyways, it chipped like the 2nd day I had it on. It started to fade on a lot of the nails too during that time. I was so disappointed with this. I returned it and I got my money back though.
Overall I would not recommend this polish. I guess I will just have to search for another pretty candy apple red color till I find one that truly pleases me. It chipped very early which was something I was not happy with at all!