Monday, July 18, 2011

Nicole by OPI Enchantress

This has to be my favorite of the Nicole polishes simply because I feel like it lasts longer than all the others. I do have some things that I do not like about it though. Starting with, it's so sheer! You have to put on 3 coats and even after that it still seems so sheer! I am not a huge fan of sheer nail polishes. I like the polishes I use to have a good amount of color to them. So if this had more oomf to it I would definitely think that it's pretty much flawless. 
I do like the color though none the less. It has potential to be gorgeous color if only it were more pigmented? Is that the word to use to describe nail polish colors? pigmented? I don't know. Either way you know what I mean. haha. Well i do love that this polish does have some lasting power to it. Not as much as my OPI or China Glaze polishes. Even not as much as my Essie polishes. These usually run about $7-$8 a bottle. I am just not a huge fan of this polish unless it were more pigmented.
Overall: For $7 this polish is not worth it. You can get China Glaze at Sally's cheaper than that. Or for the same price you could get an Essie polish. I wouldn't really recommend it..

-Sealed with a smile :)

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