Thursday, July 14, 2011

OPI Black Shatter

OPI’s Black Shatter…I’m a little late to join the band wagon, but better late than never I guess. When I first tried this polish I was so excited! I immediately put it on over the Sinful Colors Mint Apple polish I already had on. I had no idea how exactly to use it, well I mean I had no idea of some certain tips I should follow. I put on a thicker coat of it than I realized I was really supposed to and the shatter pieces were really thick and didn’t looked very shattered at all. So at the time I was disappointed. Then, good ole’ Google came to use and I googled some tips on using the shatter. I learned that putting on a thinner coat and not wasting time caring about if you make mistakes are key to having a good shatter design. 
So I took to my nails again this time using a lighter coat and moving slightly quicker and ignoring minor mistakes. Success! It turned out wonderful, like it did in the picture above. I was so excited and happy with it but I think this polish will just be a fad for me. I’ll still continue using normal colors and not putting shatter on top and I guess on occasions I’ll use the shatter.
Key things to know when using this:
1. Ignore small mistakes and don’t waste time trying to fix them. The polish shatters so mistakes you make are just going to disappear and no one will even be able to tell.
2. Lighter coats are key. Just go over the area with one lighter coat and don’t try so hard to make the polish seem as opaque as possible. I tried to cover up every little tiny space of my nail with the shatter which was a mistake because it means I kept going over certain areas more and more which lead to thicker and less interesting shatter pieces.
Remember these 2 basic things and you’re set! Oh! and don’t forget the top coat because it looks more dull otherwise. Happy painting! :)
-Sealed with a smile :)

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