Tuesday, August 2, 2011

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

I believe this polish is from China Glaze's Up Up and Away collection? I bought this polish, along with 3 others that I will review later, on Amazon. I'd say this polish cost me around $4 to $5. I love the color though. It's very spring and reminds me of Easter, even though Spring and Easter are long gone. The only problem I had with this polish is that It was slightly streaky. I still had a few streaky spots where I could see through to my nail even after 3 coats, but it wasn't too bad and I would definitely still wear this polish because I just absolutely love the color! I want to try more from their Up Up and Away collection, but as of right now I will focus on the polishes I still have left to review. I have one more from their Up Up and Away collection still to review, and that is Peachykeen which I am also very excited to try because it is this cute pastel orange color perfect for Spring, or like I said before, Easter. So far I haven't really had any major problems with China Glaze nail polishes which I am very pleased with. 
Overall: This polish is a tad streaky at times, but nothing to noticeable. I would still recommend this polish to someone who is looking for a cute pastel spring colored polish to try. 

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